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I cooked dinner. It’s a little special this time, and I have absolutely NO intention of repeating this feat of excess ANYTIME SOON.

Chicken Cordon Bleu, Inside out Chicken Cordon Bleu, leftover bacon, and an omelette

Chicken Cordon Bleu, Inside out Chicken Cordon Bleu, leftover bacon, and an omelette

I present to you, my dinner plate. Just chockful of shit, more notably, one Chicken Cordon Bleu which turned out fairly nicely despite it’s untoward appearance since I was poking and prodding the thing to make sure it was cooked; two inside out Chicken Cordon Bleus, because I actually ran out of chicken breasts big enough to contain the ham bacon and cheese on the inside, I thought why not put them on the outside. I also had some leftover bacon but I had no bright ideas on that and just fried them as is. Always a good plan. Finally, theres the omelette of veg and cheese. Originally I planned on doing just the veg all boiled, but in a last minute dash of not having anything better to do, I decided why not make an omelette out of it. Why the fuck not indeed ay?

So there it is. Two hours of my life, spent cooking for myself. I can assure you, while the food looks like shit, it tastes great, and it’s totally not worth the fucking time if you’re cooking for yourself. Cooking for other people though, it becomes something other people appreciate and thus, worth the fucking time. As it is, I’m not gonna repeat this shit for myself. I’d rather just cook something in 5 minutes than 2 fucking hours.


Cooked some stuff in the two weeks before Beckie came back. What does it look like? Why not take a look yourselves over here. Was gonna write it up myself, but since it’s been done for me, just point your asses that way and have a gander. Here are some clues as to what they are.

A certain someone brought FoodFeed to my attention. It’s a service that runs off your twitter feed, and basically acts like an RSS feed of whatever you’ve been eating.

Getting it all started was a bit confusing at first until I realised all it involved was following their account on twitter and just replying or direct messaging it what you’re eating and it’ll just update it as you go along.

In a way it’s fun to see what you’re eating being posted on the interwebs.

Other times, it’s kinda depressing to see the kind of things that pass off as food being stuffed down your gob.

If only I’d been told of this before I cooked my delicious dinners!

I’ve got my twitter account here, and the FoodFeed website here. I leave you to figure out what my FoodFeed account is.

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Nutella is brilliant. Hazelnut flavoured chocolate just does not get any better. However I thought I could make a winning formula even better. How?

Adding another awesome flavour, good old peanut butter. Chunky, peanut butter.

The end result though, was a little less than exciting. What I hoped for was the awesome taste of nutella mixed with the awesome taste of peanut butter and experience the awesome experience Rémy had in Ratatouille. What I really got was the muted taste of nutella overpowered by the texture of sticky peanut butter.

Maybe the secret is in how much peanut butter and how much nutella I use. Yes, that’s probably it.

Will give it a go later.