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Managed to perforate my ear drum. Am I fine? I guess I will be. As long as I don’t wet my ear, vibrate, or fly.

That means I can’t swim, can’t stick a vibrator in my ear or climb mountains.

But yeah, popped into the hospital to get my ear looked into by a doctor who looked displeased with me just being around him. Must have something to do with my being in the emergency ward for what he might consider a non emergency, but to me anything to do with me and my health I consider an emergency. Doesn’t make me a hypochondriac, but yeah, MOVE ASIDE KID WITH AIDS, MY PROBLEM IS BIGGER THAN YOURS.

It’s funny how the hospital took my details, because I was asked the same questions three times. This redundancy might be in effect for several reasons. Perhaps they wanted to make sure they had the right person. Double check the factsheet and all that. Perhaps they wanted to be a little more thorough in their questions, and hoping my story stays consistent. Or perhaps they don’t read each others notes and have to ask the same patient the same set of questions. Every. Damn. Time.

Whatever the case, I told what my problem is to two different nurses, the first one let me into the ward. The second one told me a doctor will come in. The third time I was asked what my problem was by the doctor himself.

Except I didn’t know he was my doctor because I was looking out the room I was in and he saw me and walked over without introducing himself and just asked what am I in here for.

So there he is asking me what am I in here for and here I am thinking this fellow is some busybody doctor that saw me being unattended and was curious what I’m in for. So I told him I’m waiting for a doctor. Then he says he’s a doctor. To which I said, well, I’m waiting for the doctor who should’ve already READ MY FILE. Then this wiseguy had to say he’s the doctor who’s seeing me now what is my problem.

So fair enough, I tell him what I’m in for (only the 3rd time I gotta repeat the story anyway) and then he looks in my ear. FINALLY SOME FUCKING PROGRESS. Like all sensible people, he looks in my good ear first, then my bad one. I’d cry myself to sleep if this fellow went straight to my bad ear.

End result was I got my antibiotics, my advise, and a general idea of where the perforation is (thankfully nowhere that could lead to permanent hearing loss).

How, did I get it in the first place? You ever hear people telling you NOT to stick things in your ear and tell yourself “naaah I wouldn’t be that dumb to do that”?

Thats what I told myself but did anyway when I had this peculiar feeling in my ear after applying some ear cleaner. Long story short, I fucked myself in the ear when I could’ve totally avoided this by NOT messing with it. The lesson here is really what everyone’s been telling you from the start.

Do NOT stick things in your ear.


It wasn’t the first time I’ve been to a gym.

It was however, the first time I’ve been to a gym in years, with a personal trainer even.

I’ve always had this feeling, a gauge of sorts, of my general fitness level. Unfortunately that gauge stopped working 3 years ago, so coming in for this session was quite an eye opener.

I knew there was a disparity in terms of how fit my upper body is compared to my legs, but it was never so obvious as it was today. Coming out of the gym my arms feel like pudding but my legs come out feeling as if nothing had happened.

But it was all expected I believe. Having never really worked out my upper body, I was stumbling through the machines as I tried pulling and pushing weights. It was amusing, seeing as no matter how much I willed myself to pull the weights, my arms weren’t going to do it. Or was it more akin to a ride, where I’m strapped in and I have no control over what goes on.

My arms weren’t going to listen to me, thats for sure. My legs though, had no qualms with the treadmill or rowing machine. They probably wouldn’t complain about the bike either, if I wasn’t dying to catch my breath at the time I hopped on them.

All that is just going to give impetus to my will to remedy this weakness.

Besides, I’ve been saying I want to go to the gym for ages. This is the first step, now to make that second step.