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I find ads in general annoying. At least with regards to ads on the internet.

So thank goodness for the content blocker on Opera. Without which I would totally have died from the seizure causing flashing some of them have. Really. some people have no clue how to make ads. As much as you want it to be attention grabbing, I also would like to come out of the experience ALIVE.

But what I find particularly interesting is the targetted ads I get. I’m not entirely sure what the Google Ads pick up from my Gmail page, but clearly there must be enough on it to suggest that I’m either Malaysian, or am in Malaysia. Fair guess that I’m Malaysian since I would be resolving from an Aussie ISP. I just wonder what it read that gave me targetted ads to “Belajar Bahasa Inggeris“. Where’s the ad for a flux capacitor damn it!?

In other news Facebook gives me targetted ads with relevance to buying stuff online, finding people to meet and other stuff with relation to being in Australia. No surprise given it has a wealth of data on me by now. Moving on…

Friendster has gaudy flashing ads which I’ve happily blocked, and am happily not planning on going back in there for at least another few more years. I guess the question for the people still on Friendster is why the hell aren’t you on Facebook instead!?