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Coming up short feels like the story of my life man. Story of my fucking life. I’ve just got to work harder because it doesn’t look as if I’m about to get any handouts this year.


I could’ve been asked about lymph nodes like everyone else. I get asked about nails.

Fair enough I know I’m supposed to stare at them and figure out whats wrong with them.

But if me saying they look normal after making sure they’re not blue, they aren’t clubbed, they aren’t particularly gross, I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to be looking at.

The first week of the semester is over, and if how I spent it is anything to go by, I’ll really have more time than I’ll know what to do with.

Compound it with the fact that I don’t have my laptop around for at least another week, not only do I not have any source of entertainment, I don’t even have any way to access my uni material at home. I’m nitpicking since I only live 5 minutes from uni but really, I’d like the option of accessing my material in the comfort of my room.

Maybe I should start drawing my lumbar plexus.

The plus side of being awake two hours before my class actually starts is that there are heaps to watch on the telly, be it the breakfast shows or the kids shows.
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Would you like to know what’s worse than 3 hours of lectures?
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There was no fan fare, no ticker tape parade, no cheering. I just walked out the hall, glad that all this is behind me.

After all that. Now I don’t know what to do with all my free time.

Maybe wait for the 3G iPhone to come out.

The last UWC meeting didn’t seem particularly interesting. But at least I turned up this time instead if giving it a miss like last month.

But as far as meetings go, it appears I wasn’t missing out too much if I don’t show up. There was a new girl who turned up. Well, I assume she’s new. Didn’t really have much time to ask her before during or after since she was being taken care of by Marty.

But anyway. Sounds like there are plans for some freshwater diving to be done. Which sounds awesome in itself, but diving in ponds interconnected by streams to swim through? Sign me up.

There was also the point about dive torches we could potentially get for 11 bucks. Outrageously useful for sticking into dark holes where you’d rather not risk your finger, I could get two or possibly even 3. 1 main one in my hand, 1 spare tucked away somewhere on me, and the last one to throw into Beckie’s car for when more light is needed to hunt for that deviously hidden button under the seat to open up the gas cap. Well if it comes to fruition, I’ll pick up 2. At least. This house is actually fairly devoid of any torches.

That the meeting adjourned to the local pub once all matters were settled is always a plus in my book. Beer and dive stories, yes please.

It sucks so much that barely 2 hours back in Melbourne and already I have to ask for more money to pay the fucking bills.

Gas got disconnected so I shower in cold water and have no heating, nor any ability to cook.
I hope I got a menu somewhere.

Energy bill is so FUCKING expensive. Every other bill was on the verge of disconnection.

Yes, we shall pay these things in advance next time. So we don’t get any more surprises. Bloody hell.

One of the more amusing things I’ve read today involved the spinal tap and cerebrospinal fluid pressure.

…one must NEVER attempt to reduce the pressure by letting out the CSF through a spinal tap… …sudden downward flow may pull the brain stem into the foramen magnum, causing the almost instantaneous death of the patient.

I find it morbidly amusing imagining the brain trying to fit through a hole in the base of a skull the size of coin.

I got through diversified I got through diversified I got through diversified I got through diversified. I can now fly to Brisbane with a semi-clear conscience.