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Category Archives: sarcasm

Turns out that sometimes I do get my wish for a little drama in life. It’s come, it’s gone, and I’m glad it’s gone. I’d go for the mundane any time of day. I’ve no complaints, things happen, they happen, we happen.

Unlike someone cunt-flap who relishes being up to their eyeballs in drama (despite denying it), I think I’m quite satisfied with the amount of drama I’ve had to put up with and will make do with being dull. Or drunk. Or something in between.

On a sidenote, how’d you lose your fucking passport? Take it around town with you did you? Good work.


Another item that really really bugs me is Snap Shots. Practically every other blog has it enabled. It’s annoying to be reading something, only to accidently flick my mouse over a link and suddenly theres the fucking Snap Shot covering up whatever the fuck I was reading.

Those blogs which have it on really need a hint. I’m not interested in having a preview of what the site on the link looks like. If I wanted to check it out I’d click on it. Which really is a clue that they should have just done away with it in the first place.

Excuse me while I go eat a baby and bend girders in anger.

The blade cuts
ever so coldly
the pain, is so sweet.

This is the one where I say I’m back in town.

But yeah. You fuckers probably already know. After two weeks in KL without the internet it’s good to be back and totally ignore whatever is on my rss feed list due to the sheer amount of stuff to have to read through.

So what does this bring me to?

The need to get my visa renewal over and done with tomorrow. I get to play Guitar Hero 3 again. I get to show you fuckers who’s the boss in Call of Duty 4, again. I have to entertain people at night, again.

I guess it’s back to the same old, same old routine, again.

Would I trade all this to be back in KL again? Definitely.

When we complain that people see our superficial side.

And in retaliation, we go out of our way to make sure we end up with a superficial cover of what they perceive as hot or beautiful.

Isn’t it ironic, how we get played right into their hands.

How we walk right into society’s perception of what is hot, or not.

Isn’t it sad.

I would be attempting to write a book.

I’ll call it “Ignorance – A Primer in Religious Intolerance”.

Catchy, isn’t it.

Welcome back to simple & clean, cunts.

I said the site was closed, and I still ended up getting hits anyway even months after closing.

Expecting something to happen did you all.

Well, something has happened. And I’m back. To writing.

I was told to expect cold and wind and rain.

I just checked the temperature for Brisbane and it hovers between 20 to 11 degrees.

That shit’s dire.

And then I check the temperature for Melbourne and realise what I’ve been going through here makes Brisbane a warm sunny place.

After waiting for so long to get high speed broadband, I finally get the kind of latency I want.

negative ping

-1 latency. I’d make a killing playing there, I’d be clairvoyant and kill things before they even thought about doing what they were gonna do.

Of course, if only there were people playing…

The holiday period after the exams is about a good 3 weeks (or 4 if I’m lucky), and already have tentative plans for it.

Going home is scrapped. I doubt I’ll get anything done there.


I’m heading to meet up with Raimi. Sunshine Coast. 2 weeks. Lots of road. Places to visit. Pictures to take.

Oh and study radiography while I’m at it.

Because I’m a multitasker.