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I could’ve been asked about lymph nodes like everyone else. I get asked about nails.

Fair enough I know I’m supposed to stare at them and figure out whats wrong with them.

But if me saying they look normal after making sure they’re not blue, they aren’t clubbed, they aren’t particularly gross, I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to be looking at.


The first week of the semester is over, and if how I spent it is anything to go by, I’ll really have more time than I’ll know what to do with.

Compound it with the fact that I don’t have my laptop around for at least another week, not only do I not have any source of entertainment, I don’t even have any way to access my uni material at home. I’m nitpicking since I only live 5 minutes from uni but really, I’d like the option of accessing my material in the comfort of my room.

Maybe I should start drawing my lumbar plexus.

The plus side of being awake two hours before my class actually starts is that there are heaps to watch on the telly, be it the breakfast shows or the kids shows.
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