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Category Archives: meta

I’ve been really wanting to turn this blog into a divelog of sorts, but fuck me if this winter is not fucking cold and no one wants to get in the water when it’s 0 degrees above water.


I’ve got plenty of excuses for why I hardly ever write here anymore, mostly to do with thee fact that it’s so much easier not writing thee longest most thought out posts on the world, instead just saying how I feel in 180 characters our less.

Yet here I am, not doing this over twitter, instead opting to bring this back from the grave.I’m probably going to regret this. Especially looking at all the posts that I stated, but never finished. Hush. I’ll probably find a better way to do this. For now though, it’s just you, me, and my words.

Let me ramble thanks.

Threw in the blog’s feed into Wordle only to find that Gan must’ve been typed out a fuck lot because his name jumps right out more than anything else. Nice to know I have a healthy obsession with him 😐

The more I do things unrelated to the internet, the more I realise how easy it is to live without it. How I live without this. Granted I will have many many more stories to tell after this round of adventures.

But when they go, what will I have to fill the void.

Somewhere along the way though, there will be a video of people playing Wii Sports. Because it was just hilarious watching them punch towards a tv.

I can’t help but notice how I get highs and lows with my writing.

Where I can sense a definite, change in the quality of content.

One moment it’s commentary with biting rancor if need be.

The next I’m writing what would arguably be considered crap.

I need to be mindful of what I write.

Because quite frankly, reading my own thoughts, which involve wondering whether I’m about to up-end my own stomach bores me to tears. And it makes me cringe. Have I really ran out of things to say?

Where has inspiration gone.

In other totally random news, I need to lay off the fucking SuperPoke.

And pocker. When are we going to find time to play pocker huh? I need to take all your credits you know.

Welcome back to simple & clean, cunts.

I said the site was closed, and I still ended up getting hits anyway even months after closing.

Expecting something to happen did you all.

Well, something has happened. And I’m back. To writing.