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Tag Archives: annoyance

Another item that really really bugs me is Snap Shots. Practically every other blog has it enabled. It’s annoying to be reading something, only to accidently flick my mouse over a link and suddenly theres the fucking Snap Shot covering up whatever the fuck I was reading.

Those blogs which have it on really need a hint. I’m not interested in having a preview of what the site on the link looks like. If I wanted to check it out I’d click on it. Which really is a clue that they should have just done away with it in the first place.

Excuse me while I go eat a baby and bend girders in anger.


The battery lifespan on the iPod I have is fine.

Unless I’m not using it. In which case it goes to shit. Seriously. How in the world do we explain an iPod that I charge, leave well alone for a day or two, only to come back to it to find the battery empty. EMPTY. I had to recharge the fucker, again.

Find it absurd that I have to leave the device constantly charging. My phone last 3 days without charging, and I make more use out of it than my iPod.

Maybe if I trade it in…

Another thing that annoys me are ellipses. People tend to overuse the poor thing.