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Category Archives: birthdays

A few hours until the day ends and I get a phone call from Aaron saying he managed to get caught under his bed which fell on him. Riiiiiight.

The absurdity of it is only matched by my gullibility in believing it may
actually be true. As I ran. RAN. Over to his house just to make sure he was fine.

Much to my surprise, my sister is there, and he’s lighting candles on a
cake. A surprise birthday party. Sweet as. Better still was the gift of a poker set. Unbelievable.

So there was cake. Jägerbombs. Beer. A Hookah. And a poker set with
real, heavy chips. All that = Ace party.

I don’t care if Malaysia has fireworks for her birthday. Mine, tops hers,
any day.

My thanks, to the two masterminds behind it. It really just made what
was already a very good day into a fucking awesome one.


Very much like when I turned 20.

The difference being I’ll wake up aching from gym the previous day.

All I want is to be able to pass all my subjects, save enough money, be forgiven for all who I may have wronged, and perhaps, a job.

Not outrageous demands, by any means 😉

My thanks to the wellwishers who wished within the first 10 minutes of the day. Surprising amount, from the most unexpected of places. Shaping up to be a better day than last year.

This is for that lovely young woman over at
who just turned 20.

Once you hit the age where minusing a decade still puts you at double digits you know you’re old.

By far the wittiest line I’ve heard all day. So thanking everyone who wished me; Mum, Dad, Beckie, Sis, Zul, Kuhaz, Aaron, Sharron, Sanjit, Ker Ley, Vince, the crew at Anatomy, uh… the well-wishers over at Friendster, gee, ran out already. Hahaha. Oh well, birthdays get overshadowed by tragedies.

At least I also got chocolate cheesecake. Ahahaha

Puma Santa Fe, a pair of shoes.

I remembered Zul’s birthday weeks before it actually came. But as it actually arrived and went, I totally forgot about it. Only upon a phonecall from someone totally unrelated to him asked me about important dates coming up (in actuality referring to the upcoming 31st. Here’s hoping we party up independence day like theres no muh’fuckin tomorrow) did I regretfully remember his birthday.

So a happy belated birthday.

And then I remember it is also Sarah’s birthday, but I just missed it by half an hour.

But due to time differences, it still is her birthday. So happy birthday there.

Now if I can just be sure that it is her birthday.