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Category Archives: Jottings

An explicit reference to a “reverse Flowers for Algernon“, and suddenly I want to read it again.

I had forgotten that I have read it before, and details had to be jogged out of my mind before it became clear.

If I find it before the weekend, It’ll probably be what preoccupies me then.


iPod shuffle

Oh yes it did.

He’s still in the ICU, last I heard. He’s also still under sedation, but will be removed soon, last I heard. Have been to the hospital, but with only 2 visitors per patient in the ICU I think I’ll just wait until they move him out. Or until I get really anxious about seeing what its like in the ICU ward.

Amusing to hear that two people came in earlier in the day when I visited to bring flowers into the ICU. I didn’t think he’d appreciate it given he was still out like a lamp.

I’ve been meeting with Sanjit the past few days. Making full use of this visit in town, I am. Haven’t seen him for nearly 2 years. Hopefully he wakes up before Sanjit leaves. That said, I hope Sanjit enjoys his stay. The fall really put a dent in plans for the week.

Going to pop over to counselling soon before VSU gets them. I’m fairly sure my head’s straight on, but then others might think otherwise. Meh.