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In the end we did the TAR Park for two dives. Quite really when diving in the park I don’t expect much. Nonetheless I put down some 80 quid for a cheap underwater camera (really just a cheap camera with a case). It was so cheap it still uses negatives. I’ve yet to process the negatives, and in many ways afraid of processing them because they’ll show how I forgot how to use a manual film camera that requires winding after each shot. Read More »


Free interwebs in KLIA. Fantastic.

171 Unread items on my feed browser. Fantastic. Got my work cut out for me to read each and every item.

It has been interesting, visiting people, the grave, the temples, the friendly faces.

Now to go back home and create new memories.

Nice to be out of town and out of touch. I just wish the ASS FUCKERS BACK HOME would stop telling me what they’re doing every night. As if I don’t already know ba kan kima

I tried looking at a pair of matching shirts, but none come in the sizes I want. Ah well? Mind me while I go back to whatever I was doing here in KL.

So so so, my return to KK looks and feels like it’ll be a lot earlier than previous years. All goes well, I should be back within the first week of November. Fun stuff. It also means that should I need to go back by February I’ll have 3 months home, but if nothing bad happens I’ll only really need to go back in March, making my stay 4 whole months.

That means, I’ve got a bit of planning to do. I do plan on doing a bit of diving in Sipadan, but thats only if I can get a dive partner. And if weather permits.

Otherwise there’s the trip to KL. That’s a sure thing, it’s just a matter of when to go. There is also talk of visiting Penang this year. In all likeliness I’d have to shove that in with KL, and would require a whole lot more planning (if anyone else wants to tag along, how to get there, etc).

Sounds like fun. To think I’ll be back in under 3 months. Time flies rather quickly these years.