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Turns out that sometimes I do get my wish for a little drama in life. It’s come, it’s gone, and I’m glad it’s gone. I’d go for the mundane any time of day. I’ve no complaints, things happen, they happen, we happen.

Unlike someone cunt-flap who relishes being up to their eyeballs in drama (despite denying it), I think I’m quite satisfied with the amount of drama I’ve had to put up with and will make do with being dull. Or drunk. Or something in between.

On a sidenote, how’d you lose your fucking passport? Take it around town with you did you? Good work.


Plans can and do come out a wee bit premature. Who knew that renting a chalet on Manukan would cost RM770 at the bare minimum. Bugger that mate, next stop, wherever.

Managed to find someone willing to take us to Mengalum for RM380 with 2 dives sans lunch (or RM450 with 2 dives and lunch). Conveniently forgot to ask the other operator offering 2 dives for RM420 whether lunch is involved in that. As it is though, it is beginning to look more and more unlikely we’ll get this done since we need a minimum of 4 fuckers on this, and whilst me and Gan are good, Sanjit only comes back on the 24th/25th with no guarantee of getting his diving license in time and Raimi with no guarantee he’s not working. Fantastic.

I really just have this urge to let Gan handle planning from now on. What was clearly an ambitious project needs to be scaled down a bit and since I won’t be around in the lead up to the days to dive, someone else needs to plan it.

Plan isn’t crumbling yet, but it certainly isn’t as grandiose as I formerly planned it. Craving simple shore dive without the need to pay exorbitant amount of cash to people just to hold my hand and take me places underwater.

The gist of why I have rarely if ever post anything while I’m back home, in list form; Read More »

We all carry different standards for what we would call an emergency. In many ways its also telling of how one thinks, should you name the services you’d call off the top of your head from most important to least.

In my case I’d be looking up the fire department, then the ambulance, then the police, then my parents, and then my friends who are immediately able to reach my physically.

That, is when I think something’s an emergency. But if something’s an “emergency” and you’re knocking on the immaterial online doors of people OVERSEAS, either you don’t know who to call in an emergency, or it really isn’t an emergency at all.

The sky was a lovely shade of blue with nary a cloud in the sky.

But not even perfect conditions such as that will cover up a bad day from someone waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

The internet connection has been rather spotty the past few days. Personally, I attribute it to living some 4 kilometres away from the DSLAM and the wet weather which has been known to cause our line to go to shit.
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Another item that really really bugs me is Snap Shots. Practically every other blog has it enabled. It’s annoying to be reading something, only to accidently flick my mouse over a link and suddenly theres the fucking Snap Shot covering up whatever the fuck I was reading.

Those blogs which have it on really need a hint. I’m not interested in having a preview of what the site on the link looks like. If I wanted to check it out I’d click on it. Which really is a clue that they should have just done away with it in the first place.

Excuse me while I go eat a baby and bend girders in anger.

The battery lifespan on the iPod I have is fine.

Unless I’m not using it. In which case it goes to shit. Seriously. How in the world do we explain an iPod that I charge, leave well alone for a day or two, only to come back to it to find the battery empty. EMPTY. I had to recharge the fucker, again.

Find it absurd that I have to leave the device constantly charging. My phone last 3 days without charging, and I make more use out of it than my iPod.

Maybe if I trade it in…

Another thing that annoys me are ellipses. People tend to overuse the poor thing.