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That’s what it looked it would do. A massive, juggernaut of pipes and flames, the Pyrophone Juggernaut was a sight to behold. Even more so to listen.

It’s a shame I didn’t have my camera at the time, made even worse by the fact that tonight is the last night it’s on over at the Docklands. I had hoped for a decently warm (or hot) performance to ward away the absolutely frigid temperature of the wind, but it wasn’t anywhere near warm.

Essentially a giant organ with sound produced by launching gusts of flame up it’s tubes, the sound it produced was hauntingly deep. I constantly associate organs with gothic, and the sound out of this is certainly in the order and magnitude of gothic. Gusts of flames, drums and the long hot pipes, this 10 metre tall monstrosity of metal pipes was made out of recycled material, apparently.

I wonder if they shelve it until the next Ignite festival or does it tour around.