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Reading through the thread about how to apply CF-Root your Samsung Galaxy S is an exercise in frustration. It’s one post with instructions on how to get it done, and 90 fucking pages of people asking “I’m on PDA version this this this, what do I use?” followed by silence and more people asking the same fucking question. Like, fine job OP with the kernel, but fuck sakes a list of kernels to download and no clear explanation of which kernel is for which version? It’s a fucking mess.

Anyway. If you’re here, you’re like me wondering which of the many kernels do you use to get CF-Root on your Galaxy S which just so happens to run on DXJPA. I thought I’d try the XW_XEE_JPA version, but that did fuck all for me. The answer lay 59(!) fucking pages in, where some helpful random says this;

DXJPA use this

Tested and got Recovery 2e.

So there’s your answer. Gotta dig through 91 fucking pages just to get that kind of information which could’ve just been compiled into a list somewhere… too much fucking trouble.