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So I spent the better part of the last few months looking around for a Buoyancy Compensator Device to use when I’m diving instead of perpetually relying on club gear. Everyone talks about how Zeagle is an amazing brand so shit yeah, I’m totes going to get something good right? Measure twice, cut once kinda thing. Might as well get something good from the get go instead of working my way up through the bad stuff. Cue my looking to a certain scuba website which sold the gear and a whole lot of other stuff. Rates were cheap, free delivery worldwide, I was stoked. I was wrapped. And so I placed my order for one Zeagle Stiletto in hopes I’ll have it in time for the Melbourne Cup Weekend. Read More »


Reading through the thread about how to apply CF-Root your Samsung Galaxy S is an exercise in frustration. It’s one post with instructions on how to get it done, and 90 fucking pages of people asking “I’m on PDA version this this this, what do I use?” followed by silence and more people asking the same fucking question. Like, fine job OP with the kernel, but fuck sakes a list of kernels to download and no clear explanation of which kernel is for which version? It’s a fucking mess.

Anyway. If you’re here, you’re like me wondering which of the many kernels do you use to get CF-Root on your Galaxy S which just so happens to run on DXJPA. I thought I’d try the XW_XEE_JPA version, but that did fuck all for me. The answer lay 59(!) fucking pages in, where some helpful random says this;

DXJPA use this

Tested and got Recovery 2e.

So there’s your answer. Gotta dig through 91 fucking pages just to get that kind of information which could’ve just been compiled into a list somewhere… too much fucking trouble.

Turns out that sometimes I do get my wish for a little drama in life. It’s come, it’s gone, and I’m glad it’s gone. I’d go for the mundane any time of day. I’ve no complaints, things happen, they happen, we happen.

Unlike someone cunt-flap who relishes being up to their eyeballs in drama (despite denying it), I think I’m quite satisfied with the amount of drama I’ve had to put up with and will make do with being dull. Or drunk. Or something in between.

On a sidenote, how’d you lose your fucking passport? Take it around town with you did you? Good work.

The gist of why I have rarely if ever post anything while I’m back home, in list form; Read More »

We all carry different standards for what we would call an emergency. In many ways its also telling of how one thinks, should you name the services you’d call off the top of your head from most important to least.

In my case I’d be looking up the fire department, then the ambulance, then the police, then my parents, and then my friends who are immediately able to reach my physically.

That, is when I think something’s an emergency. But if something’s an “emergency” and you’re knocking on the immaterial online doors of people OVERSEAS, either you don’t know who to call in an emergency, or it really isn’t an emergency at all.

The sky was a lovely shade of blue with nary a cloud in the sky.

But not even perfect conditions such as that will cover up a bad day from someone waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

I could’ve been asked about lymph nodes like everyone else. I get asked about nails.

Fair enough I know I’m supposed to stare at them and figure out whats wrong with them.

But if me saying they look normal after making sure they’re not blue, they aren’t clubbed, they aren’t particularly gross, I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to be looking at.

You want to know what mind-numbing is?

Try blogging on the Wii without a USB keyboard. It’s like typing an essay with a light gun. Feasible, but totally not worth the effort other than showing how bored one is.

I hope the laptop gets fixed soon.

Would you like to know what’s worse than 3 hours of lectures?
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The internet connection has been rather spotty the past few days. Personally, I attribute it to living some 4 kilometres away from the DSLAM and the wet weather which has been known to cause our line to go to shit.
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