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Doors opened at 8 pm, but the music only really began at 10:45. Oh sure there was Mission Control at 9:15, but the Melbourne based band was more self indulgent rather than entertaining. Or perhaps I was just expecting to go to a show and get more than an hour’s worth of Metric. So yes, Mission Control. The vocals were a mess, not because the singer was bad, but because of the sheer amount of effects going on. I couldn’t see the stage floor, but I’m almost certain it was littered with more effects pedals than there was floor space. I didn’t particularly dig their music, but warmed up to it by the time they had to get off. That was about 10, 10:15 or so. Only another half hour til Metric comes on.

If I am not mistaken, their setlist last night at the Billboard went a little something like this;

Twilight Galaxy
Satellite Mind
Monster Hospital
Gold Guns Girls
Gimme Sympathy
Sick Muse
Dead Disco
Help I’m Alive
Stadium Love

Live It Out

There was a little bit extra after Empty which I wasn’t too sure about but whatev. Twilight Galaxy was a pretty kick ass song to start with, but when they started really rocking it up towards the end of the song with full on distortion and Emily Haines head banging. It was a rather short set, slightly over an hour, but it was intense.

Other highlights… Watching the sea of hands rise up with Emily Haines’ tambourine as she reaches the chorus for Help I’m Alive… and pretty much anything James Shaw did. He’s a demon on that guitar. Oh yeah, also, when Mission Control went off stage so they could clear the way for Metric (or Imperial as they’re known in the States) to perform. At least they came up with a decent joke while at it. Oh yeah. I had tears in my eyes when they played Satellite Mind, and I don’t know why.


No not really hurt, unless you consider my raw fingers. To keep busy, I picked up my guitar again and learn me a new song to play. Find attached, the result of about a day’s worth of practice. I’d probably do better after a few more days of playing this tune to death. But, might as well get this over and done with before I actually get bored of playing the song.

Presenting, my cover of Johnny Cash’s cover of the Nine Inch Nails song, Hurt. Also, be on the look out for one word which I managed to mix up in there. Trying to sing the song through memory when I hardly remember the lyrics probably didn’t help.

Also. I’m shy and thus won’t be showing any of my face 😛

At the end of September I thought I liked what I heard from Cara Beth Satalino that I’d buy her full length album off her MySpace page.  I did just that, and promptly forgot all about it, until her album showed up a month to the day I paid for it. Read More »

All 86 songs are out now. The fact that it has Ever-fucking-long is enough for me to get it outright. Nevermind the fact that you’ve got stuff like ATD-I, Mars Volta, Dreamtheater, Modest Mouse and even The Eagles’ Hotel California. Hotel-fucking-California. Consider me sold. Tracklist below.
Read More »

Tunng - Comments of the Inner Chorus

Tunng - Comments of the Inner Chorus

Ever had the feeling of coming to a party a little too late? That’s the exact same feeling I get when I listen to this album. It was released in 2006 and only now in late 2008, do I have it here with me.

The first time I heard of anything from Tunng was on a free promo disc from Spunk Records. I remember the promo disc well as that’s where I also first heard of Mates of State. I don’t recall what album I picked up had this promo disc attached. What was unfortunate was that Mates of State was the first song on that CD and I immediately fell in love with it and cared not to listen to the rest of the thing for only another year or two. Definite mistake as there is plenty of killer tracks on it, including Woodcat, by Tunng.

The best way to describe what they sound like, is the portmanteau oft used with them: Folktronica. A blend of folk with electronica. The lyrics I’ve read, are a lot smarter than I’m willing to go into; Jenny Again, one of the songs in this album, is a particular tale actually worth sitting down and paying attention to. This is more a design flaw of how I approach my music, but usually I spend more time listening to the tune than the lyrics because I can’t be buggered to think about the music. I just listen for the flow of it.

In a way, that is probably why I enjoy this album so much. The ability for me to just sit back, turn my brain off, listen to the strangely hypnotic vocals and pass out. And I know, if I wanted to go deeper with the album, slowly listening for each verse, it would all weave a tale.

What do I suggest? pop into their website, step into the audio section, download Woodcat, and see why I like them so much. If that fails, they’ve got a multitude of links to other songs that you can give a listen. I’m gonna go pass out now.

That’s what it looked it would do. A massive, juggernaut of pipes and flames, the Pyrophone Juggernaut was a sight to behold. Even more so to listen.

It’s a shame I didn’t have my camera at the time, made even worse by the fact that tonight is the last night it’s on over at the Docklands. I had hoped for a decently warm (or hot) performance to ward away the absolutely frigid temperature of the wind, but it wasn’t anywhere near warm.

Essentially a giant organ with sound produced by launching gusts of flame up it’s tubes, the sound it produced was hauntingly deep. I constantly associate organs with gothic, and the sound out of this is certainly in the order and magnitude of gothic. Gusts of flames, drums and the long hot pipes, this 10 metre tall monstrosity of metal pipes was made out of recycled material, apparently.

I wonder if they shelve it until the next Ignite festival or does it tour around.

I have found a singer to obsess about. Admittedly for some time now, I just never bothered to write about her. What she should do though is play down under. She is definitely an act I’d watch. Be sure to watch the second video though. Pretty awesome.

Clearly not content with coming some time like now, he’s playing the Forum Theatre on the 2nd of January.

I want to go.

But I’m not in town.


I want to see him render Teardrops, live.

Ah well.

He better fucking come back again when I’m in town.

Universe by Sebastien Tellier I did say something about obtaining a new album over the internet, didn’t I? I’m fairly confident I did. Oh yes. I did. Somewhere in the region of ten days, for payment to be processed, item packaged and sent over from what I presume must really be Shanghai. Not too bad. Par for the course kind of service. I’ve had items take longer.

The album is actually a collection of songs from his previous albums, but given I have none of his previous albums, it’s all fresh to me. Or at least, nearly all fresh. It was also supposed to be a UK exclusive that came out slightly over a year ago. Sue me for not being able to find a copy of the bearded man’s work for so long.

But lets get on with the music. After rereading what I said, I made mention of expectations of minds being blown away. Mine hasn’t been blown away yet. Much like whatever review I could find out there says, there is definite hints of greatness in this. But it’s just not blowing my mind. It’s close, but not quite. It’s good, but not mind blowing. It will stay in my CD player for the foreseeable future, though.

I’m listening to it right now. On what must be my third or fourth time through it. I try to find words to describe what it is, what makes his music so alluring to listen to over and over again. Each track on it feel distinctly Tellier, from the piano lines in each song, the synth that comes up every now and then. The instruments. The drums. The bass.

It’s telling, how good it is when the whole thing plays from front to back, and there is no urge to press the skip button. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve got that CD from some band you love, but they’ve got some good songs, and some awful ones along the way (I personally skip all the songs on Foo Fighter’s Skin and Bones until the last 3. You know. Friend Of A Friend, Best Of You and Everlong). What’s strange is how Universe feels out of place unless the album is played from front to back. Literally. It compels you to listen to the whole thing, to appreciate it.

That isn’t to say that it isn’t appreciable on a per song basis, because it is. The only proof I have to give would be a certain video I embedded some time back when I closed the blog. The Mr.Dan’s Mix of La Ritournelle. The original song itself, was pretty fucking ace, but the Mr.Dan mix blows it out of the water in terms of getting into the song. Pretty fucking ace, squared, or cubed, perhaps.

This whole album could probably be called downtempo music. Or something. It has its slow points. In fact, it’s most assuredly the kind of music you’d be listening to on a lazy day. Or everyday. It’s strangely infectious, the more times I listen to it. Probably something about his voice, as he sings slowly, softly. In another language. Or english, depending on the song.

Perhaps it’s the culmination of all of it. His voice, the piano, the bass lines, the strings, the synthesizer, the notes. The arrangement of the songs. Theres a feeling to it. A soothing, calming feeling. A feeling to cherish. Music that inspires feeling. Awesome.

It is an album that is nice to listen to. It’s an album where I’d just listen to it and lie down on the floor, staring at the ceiling. Humming along to the tune, as I get sucked into the world of this fairly hairly musician. As said earlier there is hints of greatness. Mainly because of the subdued tempo, it feels like he holds back. Should this really be the case, I can’t wait to be there when he comes out with magnificent.

I just paid for a CD on eBay.

Sebastien Tellier’s Universe.

Not sure how long it’ll take that UK exclusive reach my mailbox, but it is eagerly anticipated.

I’m expecting it to blow my mind and become the one CD that just stays in my CD player on repeat.

This is expectation.

On the same token I expect the CD to be so awesome it’ll perform fellatio and sound amazing.

We’ll see in 10 days or so.