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Monkey Island is back. In two forms. One remake, one episodic. Shit just went mad. (via and)


All 86 songs are out now. The fact that it has Ever-fucking-long is enough for me to get it outright. Nevermind the fact that you’ve got stuff like ATD-I, Mars Volta, Dreamtheater, Modest Mouse and even The Eagles’ Hotel California. Hotel-fucking-California. Consider me sold. Tracklist below.
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After playing a bit of Super Mario Galaxy, I’m beginning to see why Bowser totally hates Mario.

It’s because Mario is such a fucking cockblocker. Seriously. You’ve got Bowser who just wants to get the Princess laid and along comes Mario with his super cockblock moves. What’s even more amazing?

He’s been involved in a fair number of games and most if not all involve him doing his cockblocking on Bowser. Even more amazing is how much fucking fun it is to get involved in his acts of cockblocking even when it’s been rehashed a dozen times.

Then again, cockblocking a mate has always been gold in terms of deriving fun out of someone else’s expense.

When No More Heroes, Endless Ocean and Super Smash Bros. Brawl come out to play, which one will I choose?

Decisions. Decisions.

Or is the decision more of, which do I get first?


We played paintball last Thursday. I was pretty awesome.
Group Photo
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What you see below will be the most beautiful thing you’ll ever set your eyes on. If you disagree, you are wrong.
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