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So I spent the better part of the last few months looking around for a Buoyancy Compensator Device to use when I’m diving instead of perpetually relying on club gear. Everyone talks about how Zeagle is an amazing brand so shit yeah, I’m totes going to get something good right? Measure twice, cut once kinda thing. Might as well get something good from the get go instead of working my way up through the bad stuff. Cue my looking to a certain scuba website which sold the gear and a whole lot of other stuff. Rates were cheap, free delivery worldwide, I was stoked. I was wrapped. And so I placed my order for one Zeagle Stiletto in hopes I’ll have it in time for the Melbourne Cup Weekend.

That was a month ago, right to the day. Following which I’ve since had 3 emails telling me the silly thing is on backorder and there’d be a new date of arrival, but all before the cup weekend so I didn’t really give a shit so long as it arrives. The last email detailing the backorder says they’ll get a shipment in today and send it out so I’d have it sometime next week so it would’ve been fine. Today rolls over and I get emails detailing how my refund has been processed. Good work cock gobblers, but I don’t remember asking for one. I guess that means they have been waiting on the arrival for the silly thing and it never came, so they’ve conveniently processed a refund for me. Great stuff. A month of waiting on a BCD that never came. If I knew they were going to be cock teasing me this whole time, I would’ve taken my business elsewhere. Like a man walking into a stripjoint expecting a whorehouse, I’m sorely disappointed. So what do I do now? Send an email to them and just get a bit of stress relief. Otherwise, maybe it’s time I look to Zeagleexpress and see what they can do for me.

Hi there. I placed an order for a Zeagle Stiletto a month ago. I believe I’ve since received 3 emails telling me the item is on back order with new delivery dates each time. Now that the latest date has rolled over I conveniently find an email saying my refund has been processed.

If you lot never had the item to begin with, it would have be nice to know it’s on backorder from the get go on the item page itself rather than finding out after I put my order in and then jerking me around for a month only to not deliver.

Thanks a lot.
Yin Chan


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