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Lots of shit went down. I can’t be arsed to give a full chronological rundown of what went down; I do expect that along the way I will fully explain what went on and in all likeliness, unintentionally do it chronologically.

*(This post has neither pictures nor video)

The gist of it is that Raimi and Gan popped into town, and we did what we could to show them a good time in Melbourne.

Well I didn’t think I’d devote a whole post to one fucking day but there you go it happened.

I am having difficulty recalling what happened the next day though. In all possibility there might have been some poker or Risk involved during the day. Most likely poker. The night however is a happy fuzzy memory of “what happens in Melbourne stays in Melbourne”. We even have no pictures to prove it happened.

Quite really the rest of the week just whizzes right by when one of us disappears. In this case Gan hopped along to see his aunt(s), leaving us 3 to fend for ourselves. With him gone it was the first time I was able to take Raimi around for a little walkabout around the city. It was a slightly different route compared with the one I took with Gan, as I managed to slip him onto the city circle as well as check out Vic Market. The rest of the weekend we picked up a TCG, had some amazing pizza and had some fresh air out at night.

So it was a bummer when Raimi had to leave. He was fun to have around, and I look forward to seeing him again, be it me going back there or him coming here. Or us going somewhere else. All joy was not lost, as soon after Gan came back anyway, heralding one last hurrah before he flew back to Perth with his girlfriend Jenny.

If memory serves me, he came back from a trip towards Great Ocean Road, one trip that for all intents and purposes I had intended to plan for him and Raimi but planning has a way of getting in the way of how we tend to spontaneously do shit around here. So lucky him that he had this one planned out with his girlfriend because it was almost certainly not going to happen with me planning and Aaron driving.

Speaking of spontaniety, that night he came back itself we made a mad dash out to get a quick beer and liquor. Such a mad dash that I was totally unprepared with not a cent on my being, mostly due to my wallet being in my other pants sitting in my room at home, exactly where I wasn’t being at the time of this idea being sprung upon us. No matter, a 6 pack of beer, a can of pre-mix for the lady and a dash over to my place to drag along a certain friend by the name of Jack Daniels. Seriously, I love you Raimi for that 😀

It was a strange feeling as we were clearly buzzed but not wasted to the point where we tolerated watching Stage 5 of the Tour de France. I can even tell you that Mark Cavendish got that stage. Up until that night I’ve never even heard of him. And unless I feel a bit buzzed I doubt I’m really going to care what happens in the next 6 stages of that race.

The next day was really spent ambling about the city, having a walk through Victoria Market for the umpteenth time, having the most God-awful oiliest breakfast I’ve ever had the misfortune of putting money down for and generally enjoying what would amount to be the last time I get to see Gan in Melbourne this holiday.

In what must have been one wild act of spontaneity (one which I should acquaint myself more often with as it looks to be a trait that shows up fairly often), Gan and his girlfriend picked up an Xbox 360. I’ve always thought that GTAIV would be the kind of game that would be reason enough to buy a console, but it was not until that day that I saw that actually happen. I honestly believe he bought that console for the sole purpose of playing GTAIV, nevermind the fact that he neglected to actually buy the game with the console. I’m sure he’ll figure that out when he’s back in Perth.

That night though, dinner was up in Lygon street. We fed him stories about how the street was run by the Italian mob, but really all you’ll find are Italian restaurants. We dined in one with deceiving menus that listed their prices like “17 fifty“, spelling out the 50c instead of showing it as a number. This gave the impression that the dishes were 15 bucks, and not 15.50. A marked difference and it totally messed with my head the whole night. Dinner was shared with (try to keep up here) Gan’s girlfriend’s friend, along with her boyfriend, her house mate, her brother and her brother’s girlfriend. I’m confident I remember their names, but not how to spell them.

That night it rained ever so lightly. The wind blew strong though. It was a struggle to get my cap firmly planted on my head (not going to be a problem for my new cap which I ordered one size smaller than I’d like. It ain’t coming off without a crowbar). The last night Gan spent here was spent playing snooker with Aaron. I bet that was an epic match that I quite really CBF to watch last night so bid him adieu and be on my merry way home.

I hope he has fun with his new toy back in Perth.


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