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Lots of shit went down. I can’t be arsed to give a full chronological rundown of what went down; I do expect that along the way I will fully explain what went on and in all likeliness, unintentionally do it chronologically.

*(This post has a video)

The gist of it is that Raimi and Gan popped into town, and we did what we could to show them a good time in Melbourne. By we, I mean me and Aaron. Both buggers came in on different dates, so unfortunately not everyone got to experience the same thing. I can’t say who got the better experience, I just hope both enjoyed their stay.

If I recall, Gan arrived at 5 something in the morning, and was out the gate by 5.40 instead of the 5.40 arrival time. Trust Virgin Airlines to fly and arrive early if not on time. His first lunch with us was dim sum (or yum cha to the bogans out there), and I was quite, impressed by lunch. Filling and tasty and probably not something I get to do in a long time.

Be damned if I can remembered what happened after, although there might have been a night out at the local hotel for a drink. It’s changed a bit since the World Cup, what was once a nice, uncluttered, if a bit noisy area to drink and watch sports on TVs has turned into a ghastly clutter of wall to wall TVs tuned to animated horse racing. Still noisy as always due to the pokies right next door.

The next morning, there was threat of rain while I dragged Gan out to St. Kilda to check out the Sunday market and Luna Park, along with the beach. The market itself while interesting, would probably be suited more towards girls than us. But we still checked it out because really, it’s not that often people come to Melbourne (in fact, this was probably the first time any of the fuckers came to this part of Australia. I usually make myself welcome up in Brisbane, and they know it). There was a bag company with a stall set up which I wanted to plug so bad because of the nice designs and the ability to take off the front of their messenger bags to slap on another design, but for the life of me I can’t remember their name.

We strode into Luna Park, the grand entrance that invited us in belies the amusement parks lack of interesting rides. Its claim to fame being the old coaster ride around the park, it clanks away around us; showing no hint that it is the oldest continuously operating roller coaster in the world. We took in the park air, and let him be acquainted with the rest of the beach. Rain cut short what was already a minimalist trip.

The night before Raimi’s arrival was spent playing pool at a local snooker parlour. There were coupons for half price games, but Mondays already were half price. There was a big screen on the wall that was stuck on [V]². Every so often we’d get distracted by whatever came on. Paramore, Silverchair, we stared just the same. I flitted between the pool table and the arcade cabinets, wondering if I should give it a try. When I finally did, the machine spat my coins right back out. A sign, I should just go back to playing pool. The night ended with us looking for food at 2AM. What this place lacks is a 24 hour mamak restaurant for nightowls.

Raimi arrived on Tuesday morning, just in time for lunch. We made our way to Preston for Vietnamese. Funny how Preston was our first port-of-call; it was our first with Gan as well. Once we had Raimi safely in my house, we dragged chairs and coffee table outside, enjoy some fresh air and a keg of beer. Stories were told, and plans made. These fuckers wanted to go up the Eureka Tower and experience the edge.

That evening was spent at my house, playing the boxing game in Wii Sports. I’ll end it here with a video of them playing it. The rest of the week begins another day.


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