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Lots of shit went down. I can’t be arsed to give a full chronological rundown of what went down; I do expect that along the way I will fully explain what went on and in all likeliness, unintentionally do it chronologically.

*(This post has pictures)

The gist of it is that Raimi and Gan popped into town, and we did what we could to show them a good time in Melbourne.

So after a good night of working their muscles boxing at a TV screen, we set out bright and early to check that shit over at the eureka tower skydeck. I’ll admit, I was less than thrilled to give the skydeck a go, mainly because of my fear of heights, heightened moreso by the knowledge that we were going to try out the edge, where we get into a fucking box that slowly juts out the side of the tower 300m up and then exposes the glass underneath to show that if you fall, you’re falling on someone’s car. The elevator ride was 38 seconds to the 88 floor. The fall I mentioned earlier? Would’ve taken 12.8 seconds. There was a guy who led us into the box, we asked if he was going to join us. His response was, “Oh Hell no”. Safely getting out of the box, we were awarded little black wrist bands saying “I survived the EDGE”. Given my roots when I first saw the armband I was thinking whether people would wonder why in the world would we survive a weekly financial publication rather than a 3m glass box that sits 300m above the fucking ground with creaky noises to freak you out but then I digress.

The rest of the day was spent walking in and around the city, while I explain which part is what and where is what. It culminated with 3 games of laser tag over in Crown Casinos M9 Laser Wars. We weren’t supposed to run, but short sprints between obstacles proved my undoing as my thighs ached like a bitch for a week. It was a pleasant walk after that from Crown to the train station.

Posing by the Yarra River

Posing besides the Yarra River

The unfortunate bit was that Gan decided to take a leak (admittedly one of us has a fucking fantastic photo of him doing just that in Crown actually), the photos a bit fuzzy and I appear to be the shortest among all of them, which was a bit disappointing.

Sitting back on a bench.

Sitting back on a bench.

While it would make sense to have us go back via Flinders Street Station, I had a few things to get so it was off to Southern Cross Station (or Spencer Street Station, as it was formerly known) to go back instead. It was brightly lit, and quite pleasant. Just so you know, we made ourselves comfortable.

Being really comfortable.

Being really comfortable.

Really, really comfortable. But again I digress. While that happened, the other two were behaving like normal commuters. That really just capped off what was a fairly eventful day spent staring past my feet down towards the ground 300m below them, walking my legs off around the city and then exacerbating the situation by running around playing laser tag. I really should’ve just named this post “Welcome to what we did on the 2nd of July”.


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